FemSex organizes a number of events throughout the semester, open to FemSex students, UC Berkeley students, and members of the general community to attend. We also advertise other campus and community events that we feel are relevant to our curriculum.

Upcoming Events:

Art Practice Makes Art Pervert: Dorian Katz’ 120 Days of Sodomy // National Queer Arts Festival // June 2nd – August 15th. Reception: Friday, June 2nd6 – 9 pm. Gallery hours: Tuesdays from 11 – 3 pm // Center for Sex & Culture, 1349 Mission St., SF 94103

Below is our calendar of events for the semester. FemSex events are in purple, other relevant events are in blue. Accessibility info and cost is noted whenever it is applicable.

NOTAFLOF = No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds

We also recommend all events put on by our partners at the Gender Equity Resource Center, the Multicultural Community Center and the Center for Race and Gender! In addition, you can find many events hosted or posted by the Center for Sex and CultureGood VibrationsSFQueer, and Erobay.

Do you know of a FemSex-relevant event? Email us at femsexyfacs@gmail.com and we’ll list your event on our site and advertise it to our classes!