Alia is super excited to be facilitating Femsex! She is from New York and has moved around a lot. She’s an English Major and is super into film and stuff. The Bay Area has become another home they love to explore and learn more about.



Amy is a recent grad who studied english and public policy. When she’s not debating her career choices and quasi-life plans, she can be found cooking (likely with onions), rewatching Master of None, combing her hair while it’s still wet, or eating shrimp falafel outside a queer dance party. When Amy’s living her best life, she can be found reading Toni Morrison on BART, exploring poc-made podcasts, or studying for the GRE. Amy continues to be overwhelmed by how much they don’t know. This will be the second time Amy facilitates femsex and she can’t wait to see what she learns and questions this time around.



Angela is a third year Sociology major at Cal (prospective Chicano Studies minor- whoo!). Tijuana, MX is her home and heart, although she’s made the Bay her bae in recent years (hehe). She loves to keep busy, which she does by working, being an active member of her sorority, and spending time with all of her lovely FemSex family! Her favorite forms of procrastination include eating amazing food (or good food… or any food), Netflix-ing, browsing Sephora’s website, proceeding to put its entire selection into her cart and then exiting the page, re-reading her favorite HP books (which ones, you ask? Trick question- all of them) among others, cozying up in a velvet blanket, and writing. She’s super excited to facilitate FemSex for the first time this semester and hopes to create a space for students as beautiful as the one she found here.



Gayane is a transfer student from Glendale, California, majoring in Sociology. Gayane is incredibly honored and excited to support and be apart of the FemSex community. Gayane endeavors to immerse herself in sociological knowledge and spaces that cultivate an environment of self reflection and improvement around race, gender, sex, etc. Gayane hopes to one day return to her homeland of Armenia, and utilize her knowledge and experience to affect positive change. When Gayane is not stressing over the rigid musings of dead white sociologists, she likes to spend her free time laughing with her friends and watching copious amounts of The Office.



Han is a Junior at UC Berkeley studying Molecular and Cell Biology. As a transfer student, she’s still adjusting to life at Cal, but is no stranger to the Bay Area- having grown up in nearby Albany. She’s on an impossible mission to eat as much delicious food as the Bay has to offer. Furthermore, she’s taken up cooking as a hobby recently- homemade ice cream anyone? Otherwise, she spends her time volunteering as a medic at the Berkeley Free Clinic. In the future, she hopes to work with underserved communities as a healthcare provider and empower them through patient centered care. Lastly, she may secretly be not so secretly obsessed with anime, but hasn’t had the time to watch it recently. She’s looking forward to being able to contribute to the amazing FemSex community this semester.



Karina is a second year transfer student from San Diego Miramar College. She is a Sociology major at Cal. Karina is also a part of the Public Relations Team for Eleven: The Undergraduate Journal of Sociology. FemSex has been a space in which Karina has engaged with amazing facilitators and students that have changed her life. Aside from spending time feeding overly friendly squirrels on campus, she is an avid caffeine addict, collects books, and is starting her tenth round of watching The Office. Question: Is she overdoing it? False. Is it more embarrassing than knowing about her obsession with Harry Potter? False. Aside from having some tasteful pass times, she’s pretty funny and chill you know? Mischief Managed.



Kei is the #1 worldwide consumer of fruit! They are an adamant pursuant of doing things people say they can’t (like triple majoring in Dance, Public Health, and ISF -concentration in Data Science and Ethics), and the only person we know that manages to explore their queerness, kink, and polyamory while sleeping 85% of the time. They are heavily invested in research and passionate about addressing the necessity for anti-oppressive praxis in research institutions (Like UC Berkeley!). In their own time, Kei enjoys tea, fruit, really good vegan food, being soft and vulnerable, and collecting aesthetic skincare products🌹



Lisbette is a 4th year Sociology major with a minor in CalTeach here at Berkeley!  She is originally from South Central LA and now is repping her hood here in the Bay! Lis really enjoys having a busy schedule that consist of working, studying, being active in her sorority, volunteering and FemSex! Lis really enjoys painting or anything artsy, sleeping, cooking, teaching and spending time with her friends! You know she likes you when she calls you chicken nugget, so feel honored when she does!



Nakia is a recent Cal graduate who majored in African American studies. Because Nakia is now a real adult, will be her 8th and last semester facilitating FemSex (forreal this time). She now works for the Alameda County Public Health Department doing god knows what (Cuz she sure doesn’t) Nakia is from the most beautiful city in the world San Diego, where the suns always shining and there is hardly ever a rainy day. In her spare time she loves to cook, read amazing books, and have mind blowing sex! She is also a huge fan of crop tops and tattoos. In fact, she’s probably getting a tattoo while wearing the most belly revealing crop top at this very moment. If she’s not at work slowly dying from being a “real adult”, she usually can be found at Target or Michael’s or on Tumblr (yes she leads a very exciting life) . Some fun facts about this amazing gal: She has a twin sister and is double jointed.



Rie is recent Cal graduate who is passionate about shame-free and pleasure-based sex education. She fell in love with FemSex’s supportive environment and intersectional approach, and is so excited to help foster these for others! Last summer, Rie interned at the Center for Sex and Culture, where she worked on broadening access to its community space through events and PR. She can hardly wait to delve further into the field! When not obsessing over sex ed, Rie may be practicing a few languages, exploring the greater Bay Area, writing postcards, or cleaning.