Applications and info sessions for Spring 2018 have begun! Info sessions will be located in the Gender Equity Resource Center unless otherwise specified!

Days and Times 

Wednesday 1/17: 10AM-12PM , 2PM-4PM, and 3PM-5PM

Thursday 1/18: 11AM-1PM , 12PM-2PM, 1PM-3PM, and 2PM-4PM 

Friday 1/19: 10AM-12PM, 11AM-1PM, 12PM-2PM, 1PM-3PM, and 2PM-4PM

Monday 1/22 1PM-3PM, 2PM-4PM, 3PM-5PM, 6PM-8PM (220 Wheeler), and 7PM-9PM (104 Barrows)

Tuesday 1/23: 11AM-1PM, 12PM-2PM, 1PM-3PM 2PM-4PM, and 6PM-8PM (151 Barrows)

Wednesday 1/24: 10AM-12PM , 6PM-8PM (220 Wheeler), and 7PM-9PM (104 Barrows)

Thursday 1/25: 11AM-1PM, 12PM-2PM, 1PM-3PM, 2PM-4PM, and 6PM-8PM (151 Barrows)