Fall 2018 FemSex Staff



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Dorian is a second year at Berkeley intending to double major in Economics and Business Administration. She is from the Central Valley (Fresno) where she very much enjoys the sunsets and long drives to In & Out Burger. When she is not hitting the books, she enjoys to explore San Francisco, restaurant hop, and go hiking! She is passionate about giving back to the community and being involved on campus. She is looking forward to facilitating FemSex this semester.



Jasmin is a lover of all things FemSex! As a fourth year Peace and Conflict Studies major and sociology minor, she feels burdened to change the trajectory of humanity (over achiever much?). Jas loves podcasts. In fact, she’s probably listening to one this very moment. Podcasts she recommends range from Still Processing, Code Switch, Tribe of Mentors, and Ear Hustle (smart things) to The goop Podcast, Girl Cult by Galore, Make Speidi Famous Again, and Your Favorite Things with Wells and Brandi (less smart things). When she isn’t at the gym aggressively weight lifting and listening to said podcasts, Jas enjoys online shopping, having friends over for dinner (she’s an avid pinterest-er!), long walks through Ikea, and taking spin or pole dancing classes. When the weather is nice, you can find her gardening or strutting on the beach in chrome bikinis (s/o ASOS and FashionNova!). Things Jas can’t live without: candles, Netflix, art, Tequila, and quarterly visits to Legion of Honor followed by an oceanside picnic (lol, so tender).



Madeleine is a freshman at U.C. Berkeley intending on majoring in Public Health and Anthropology. Her passion lies in reproductive justice, health equity, and social advocacy within her community. She never stops listening to music and on her free time she loves hiking and exploring the Northern California Coast. Her days are  structured around great people and consuming delicious food. Madeleine is from Sacramento, California but has found a home in Bay Area and is thrilled to be a part of the U.C. Berkeley and FemSex Community!



Yasmeen is a third-year physics major at UC Berkeley who’s excited to be facilitating FemSex this semester. She’s passionate about nanotechnology, oversized sweaters, and expanding access to undergraduate research opportunities. When she’s not hanging out in the physics department with her friends, she’s doing condensed matter research (a.k.a. heating things up in an oven and setting things on fire) in the neighboring building. Yasmeen also works with Undergraduate Laboratory at Berkeley to help students design and carry out their own independent research projects on cool topics like black hole detection or superconductivity. Her goals include learning how to do a split and finally getting a septum piercing. In her free time, she runs a physics meme page and tries to maintain a poetry Instagram.



Grace is a 3rd year pursuing an individual major in design. She’s passionate about discovering new ways to represent her ideas, whether that be through writing or 3D printing. When she’s not freaking out about the direction she may or may not want her life to go, she enjoys hanging with friends, thrifting, hitting the museum, and layin’ in the sun. Grace is from Los Angeles, and frequently finds herself missing the constant warmth- but she’s found some it in the FemSex community, and really looks forward to facilitating this upcoming semester!