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Dorian is a second year at Berkeley intending to double major in Economics and Business Administration. She is from the Central Valley (Fresno) where she very much enjoys the sunsets and long drives to In & Out Burger. When she is not hitting the books, she enjoys to explore San Francisco, restaurant hop, and go hiking! She is passionate about giving back to the community and being involved on campus. She is looking forward to facilitating FemSex this semester.



Han is a Junior at UC Berkeley studying Molecular and Cell Biology. As a transfer student, she’s still adjusting to life at Cal, but is no stranger to the Bay Area- having grown up in nearby Albany. She’s on an impossible mission to eat as much delicious food as the Bay has to offer. Furthermore, she’s taken up cooking as a hobby recently- homemade ice cream anyone? Otherwise, she spends her time volunteering as a medic at the Berkeley Free Clinic. In the future, she hopes to work with underserved communities as a healthcare provider and empower them through patient-centered care. Lastly, she may secretly be not so secretly obsessed with anime but hasn’t had the time to watch it recently. She’s looking forward to being able to contribute to the amazing FemSex community this semester.



Jasmin is super excited to be facilitating FemSex this semester! As a third year Peace and Conflict Studies major, you can often find her listening to NPR (and low key freaking out!). When they aren’t nannying, Jas enjoys shopping on ASOS, having friends over for dinner (she’s an avid recipe pinterest-er!), long walks through Ikea, and running at the Clark Kerr track. When the weather is nice, you can find her strutting chrome bikinis (s/o ASOS) at Lake Anza, Baker Beach, or Capitola. On the weekends they don’t work, Jas enjoys taking mini road trips. Some of her favorites are Carmel, Mendocino, and Tahoe. Things Jas can’t live without: candles, Tequila, art, and Ben and Jerry’s.



Kei is the #1 worldwide consumer of fruit! They are an adamant pursuant of doing things people say they can’t (like triple majoring in Dance, Public Health, and ISF -concentration in Data Science and Ethics), and the only person we know that manages to explore their queerness, kink, and polyamory while sleeping 85% of the time. They are heavily invested in research and passionate about addressing the necessity for anti-oppressive praxis in research institutions (Like UC Berkeley!). In their own time, Kei enjoys tea, fruit, really good vegan food, being soft and vulnerable, and collecting aesthetic skin-care products🌹


Madeleine is a freshman at U.C. Berkeley intending on majoring in Public Health and Anthropology. Her passion lies in reproductive justice, health equity, and social advocacy within her community. She never stops listening to music, adores new places and great people, and structures her days around consuming delicious food. Madeleine is from Sacramento, California but loves the Bay Area and is thrilled to be a part of the U.C. Berkeley and FemSex Community!



Nakia is a recent Cal graduate who majored in African American studies. Because Nakia is now a real adult, will be her 9th and last semester facilitating FemSex (forreal forreal this time). She used to work for the Alameda County Public Health Department (she hated it y’all she really did) but now she has a job she loves with The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI). Nakia is from the most beautiful city in the world San Diego, where the suns always shining and there is hardly ever a rainy day. In her spare time, she loves to cook, read amazing books, and have mind-blowing sex! She is also a huge fan of crop tops and tattoos. In fact, she’s probably getting a tattoo while wearing the most belly revealing crop top at this very moment. If she’s not at work slowly dying from being a “real adult”, she usually can be found at Target or Michael’s or on Tumblr (yes she leads a very exciting life). Some fun facts about this amazing gal: She has a twin sister and is double jointed.



Rie is a recent Cal graduate whose dream job is FemSex, paid. In the meantime she works as a Sex Educator Sales Associate for Good Vibrations! Rie got her start in sexuality education as an intern for the Center for Sex and Culture. Since then she’s spent the last few semesters facilitating and coordinating FemSex. In her spare time, Rie is likely having tea with friends, visiting home in Sonoma County, binging on podcasts, dancing, or missing her cat. Some other cool things about her: she speaks 5 languages and in her lifetime has sent out over 400 letters (hit her up if you want a postcard).


Teresa graduated from Cal for a minute now, but FemSex called her back. They are super excited to be contributing to and building a radical space with y’all. She had been working as a sexual health educator at the Berkeley Public Health Clinic, where she had developed sexual health curriculum for teenagers (nothing’s worse than going through puberty and trying to figure out sex at the same time). She currently works as a college persistence advisor at East Bay College Fund, a super rad organization empowering Oakland youth to graduate from college and lead their best lives. In their free time, they enjoy hiking, cooking, touching nice things at Target, online window shopping for clogs, lifting, NPR-ing (shoutout to Code Switch), and listening to metal. She is dedicated to looking real cute and fierce all of the time.



Yasmeen is a third-year physics major at UC Berkeley who’s excited to be facilitating FemSex this semester. She’s passionate about nanotechnology, oversized sweaters, and expanding access to undergraduate research opportunities. When she’s not hanging out in the physics department with her friends, she’s doing condensed matter research (a.k.a. heating things up in an oven and setting things on fire) in the neighboring building. Yasmeen also works with Undergraduate Laboratory at Berkeley to help students design and carry out their own independent research projects on cool topics like black hole detection or superconductivity. Her goals include learning how to do a split and finally getting a septum piercing. In her free time, she runs a physics meme page and tries to maintain a poetry Instagram.