Applications and info sessions for Spring 2018 have begun! We will be having all Spring 2018 application and info sessions in GenEq unless otherwise specified. Come by to learn about FemSex and apply!

Thursday 1/18: 11AM-1PM , 12PM-2PM, 1PM-3PM, and 2PM-4PM 

Friday 1/19: 10AM-12PM, 11AM-1PM, 12PM-2PM, 1PM-3PM, and 2PM-4PM

Monday 1/22 1PM-3PM, 2PM-4PM, 3PM-5PM, 6PM-8PM (220 Wheeler), and 7PM-9PM (104 Barrows)

Tuesday 1/23: 11AM-1PM, 12PM-2PM, 1PM-3PM 2PM-4PM, and 6PM-8PM (151 Barrows)

Wednesday 1/24: 10AM-12PM , 6PM-8PM (220 Wheeler), and 7PM-9PM (104 Barrows)

Thursday 1/25: 11AM-1PM, 12PM-2PM, 1PM-3PM, 2PM-4PM, and 6PM-8PM (151 Barrows)